Campfire Audio Cascade demo

Campfire Audio Cascade demo

Empire Ears Legend X

Empire Ears Legend X

Empire Ears Phantom

De Phantom is het resultaat van constante ontwikkeling en de ambitie om steeds verder te gaan. Verder dan het traditionele. De Phantom mag een revolutionaire in-ear monitor worden genoemd, geschikt voor elk genre muziek in perfecte balans. 5-weg systeem met balanced armatures (2 x laag, 1 x mid, 1 x high, 1 x super high) en 5-weg filtering. Speciale A.R.C. techniek om alle resonanties uit het systeem te verbannen. Wordt standaard geleverd met handgemaakt Ares II kabel van Effect Audio. Heerlijk muzikaal, warm karakter.

€ 1.799,00
Levertijd: 2 tot 5 werkdagen

The Phantom is the result of constant reinvention. The ambition to push for more. To go beyond the conventional. With precision crafted performance as the touchstone and innovation as its creed, new ways were created to engineer, design, and build a revolutionary in-monitor.
Introducing the Phantom: a pure IEM tuned in perfect balance – created and crafted to master every genre with absolute fidelity.

Designer's Notes

“The Phantom is Empire Ears bold assertion to challenge the status quo; a new take on a reference iem that performs at the highest level concerning both timbre and performance, rather than a compromise between either. Offering a sound befitting its name, the Phantom's sole mission is to disappear, and let the trueness of the music shine through. Besides industry-leading tonal accuracy, the Phantom promises both high resolution and transparency, with a versatile signature aimed to please both musical professional and audiophiles.

Building forth on Zeus' impressive vocal display and three-dimensional stage, the Phantom adds a touch of warmth to achieve its perfect timbre, as well as a smoother sound. A mission fulfilled by a beautiful lower treble, and excellent top-end extension. Finally, by relying on deep low-end extension and a tastefully lifted bass, the Phantom's bass makes a compelling argument when called upon, while equally taking a step back when required.”

5 Proprietary Empire Balanced Armature Drivers

2 Low, 1 Mid, 1 High, 1 Super High

5-Way synX Crossover Network

A.R.C. Resonance Mitigation Technology

UPOCC 26AWG Handcrafted Cable by Effect Audio

Every Phantom in-ear monitor includes a bespoke, handcrafted Ares II cable by Effect Audio. The Ares II boasts a proprietary blend of 26 AWG UPOCC Litz copper with ultra-flexible insulation for maximum signal speed transmission, performance, and ergonomics. Each cable is terminated in an ultra durable 3.5mm, 24k Oyaide gold plated right angle plug. 

Effect Audio’s extensive engineering and manufacturing background gives them the edge over all other cables. After extensive testing with numerous other cable manufacturers we’re proud to announce our official partnership with Effect Audio to bring you some of the finest cables in the industry and to ultimately defeat the weak link in IEMs.

Meer informatie
merk Empire Ears
kleuren / afwerking zwart
type hoofdtelefoon in-ear
akoestisch systeem gesloten
noise cancelling nee
kabel lengte 1,3 m
draadloos nee
draadloos bereik -
volume controle smartphone -
smartphone opneem functie -
aansluitplug 3,5 mm stereo jack
opbergetui / doos ja
overige bijzonderheden -
garantie 2 jaar