Dynaudio Evoke 30

De Evoke serie van Dynaudio is de opvolger van de Excite serie, maar is eigenlijk een compleet nieuwe speaker. Nieuwe kastconstructie zonder paralelle wanden en nieuwe componenten zoals b.v. de Cerotar tweeter met Hexis. Deze tweeter heeft een groter frequentiebereik en lagere vervorming. In z'n geheel een grote stap voorwaarts! De Evoke 30 is de kleinste van de twee vloerstaande modellen en gebruikt een 2,5-weg systeem met twee 14cm MSP woofers. In prachtige hoogglans afwerking (wit of zwart) of in blond of walnut houtfineer. Prijs per stuk

€ 1.599,00
Levertijd: 2 tot 5 werkdagen

Put a pair of floorstanders in your living room and even the least ‘hi-fi’ person in the world will know you mean business. Put a pair of Evoke 30 floorstanders in there and they’ll also know you have taste.

These two-and-a-half-way speakers strike the balance between compactness and restraint, and unabashed, wide-eyed enthusiasm for music.

Let’s take it from the top
At the head of the table is the all-new Cerotar 28mm precision-coated soft-dome tweeter. And it’s one of our most sophisticated yet.

Our engineers plundered some of our most celebrated technologies – including ingenious airflow systems from the award-winning Esotar Forty anniversary tweeter, the precision coating found on the Contour range and the Hexis from the new Confidence series (more on that in a bit) – and combined them into a new design specifically for the Evoke family.

The Cerotar is driven by a newly-designed strontium carbonate Ferrite+ ceramic magnet system, and features the Confidence’s headline-grabbing Hexis inner dome. This ingenious little dimpled device sits right behind the soft tweeter diaphragm and reduces unwanted resonances while smoothing out the overall frequency response. The result is sweeter treble, better detail and even more clarity – and that means you can listen into the wee hours of the morning without fatigue.

The low-down on woofers
Evoke 30’s twin 14cm Esotec+ mid/bass drivers are made from MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer), a material we’ve been using for our woofer diaphragms since Dynaudio started back in 1977. It provides exactly the right combination of lightness, stiffness and damping to balance the needs of powerful yet precise bass performance with clear, detailed midrange.

Each speaker cone is made from a single piece of MSP. This makes them exactly the right amount of rigid – and means far less physical distortion when they’re playing. It also gives a super-solid physical connection to the glass-fibre voice-coil former on the back (it’s glued directly under the Balance Ribs you’ll see around the centre), which means more of the coil’s motion energy is transferred to the diaphragm.

Evoke 30's 52mm voice-coils are made from aluminium – which provides the correct mix of weight and winding height to balance bass and midrange frequencies. It gives optimum moving mass while retaining the right grip of midrange performance for a perfectly integrated performance.

Nomex spiders keep everything centred and moving the way it should, while the new Contour-derived surround allows a longer throw ratio for greater punch. And, like the Cerotar tweeter, Evoke 30’s woofers are both driven by ceramic Ferrite+ magnets for greater control, finesse and power.

In non-speaker-designer language, that means “you’ll hear your music the way it was meant to be heard”. No rough edges, nothing standing out where it shouldn’t – and nothing relegated to a supporting act when it should be headlining.

Timeless Danish design
Evoke has been created for real life. Our designers’ priority was to make the whole family look great in any listening environment. They took models and prototypes home and sat with them, went and scoured interior-design stores and specialist furniture retailers and even sniffed around real houses to gain inspiration.

Evoke 30 is available in four fantastic finishes. Black High Gloss and White High Gloss both use a new lacquering technique that gives a gloriously deep, glass-like look. At the other end of the tactile spectrum are the lovely, natural open veneers of Walnut Wood and Blonde Wood – honest, organic and hygge.

The result is an instant classic. It’s modern, retro, timeless and cutting-edge all at once. It’s the kind of speaker your kids will eye-up expectantly when they’re leaving for university.

We’ll forgive you for hanging on to them yourself instead. We would…

Meer informatie
merk Dynaudio
serie Evoke
kleuren / afwerking maple, walnoot, wit hoogglans, zwart hoogglans
type speaker 2½-weg
plaatsing vloer
basreflexpoort achterkant
geschikt voor bi-wiring Nee
belastbaarheid 200 Watt
gevoeligheid 88 dB
frequentiebereik 40 - 23.000 Hz
nominale impedantie 4 Ohm
crossover frequentie 1.200 / 2.300 Hz
tweeter 28mm Cerotar met Hexis
bass 2 x 14cm MSP
overige bijzonderheden -
Breedte 180 mm
hoogte 900 mm
diepte 267 mm
gewicht 15,5 kg
garantie 5 jaar