Dynaudio Evoke 10

De Evoke serie van Dynaudio is de opvolger van de Excite serie, maar is eigenlijk een compleet nieuwe speaker. Nieuwe kastconstructie zonder paralelle wanden en nieuwe componenten zoals b.v. de Cerotar tweeter met Hexis. Deze tweeter heeft een groter frequentiebereik en lagere vervorming. In z'n geheel een grote stap voorwaarts! In prachtige hoogglans afwerking (wit of zwart) of in blond of walnut houtfineer. Prijs per stuk

€ 750,00
Levertijd: 2 tot 5 werkdagen
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Classic Dynaudio heritage… with a twist
Each speaker’s single 14cm long-throw mid/bass driver is made from MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer), just like all Dynaudio speakers have used for decades. They use new surrounds to extend their throw, their frequency response and their low-frequency dynamics – all while maintaining stellar midrange performance.

Want to know the woofer’s secrets? The diaphragm is 0.4mm thin, which provides exactly the right combination of lightness, stiffness and damping to ensure optimum performance. It’s made of one piece (the dust-cap is part of the playing surface), and is bonded directly to the rigid glass-fibre voice-coil former directly under the Balance Ribs you’ll see around the centre dome. That means the whole unit moves as one, in a predictable (and carefully tuned) way, for a performance that strikes the ideal balance between bass and midrange.

The 38mm voice-coil itself is made from aluminium, making it extremely light. That means we can use more windings. More windings gives us more control over the cone’s movement, which means more control over the sound – even at high volumes and high frequencies. It’s kept stable, centred and true by the Nomex spider (the circular spring assembly that stops the cone moving when it shouldn’t, and lets it move when it should).

And the whole assembly is driven by one of our new, powerful strontium carbonate Ferrite+ ceramic magnet systems.

Cerotar: a brand-new tweeter
Up top is the brand-new 28mm Cerotar soft-dome tweeter. Our engineers looked behind the curtain of the award-winning Special Forty and money-no-object Confidence tweeters and cherry-picked some key technologies to bring to Evoke. The headline-grabbing component is the Hexis – an ingenious inner dome that refines the airflow behind the playing surface to smooth-out its frequency response and eliminate unwanted resonances.

The Cerotar, like the woofer, is powered by a powerful Ferrite+ ceramic magnet assembly.

Linking the drivers together is a high-grade second-order crossover that uses the Confidence’s design with different components. So, yes, when we say you’re getting high-end tech, we mean it.

Honest Danish design
Evoke 10 is available in four beautiful finishes: Black High Gloss, White High Gloss, Walnut Wood and Blonde Wood. The shiny versions really are just that: new lacquering techniques have resulted in a sumptuous, almost glass-like finish. The wood versions use a tactile, open natural veneer for either a warm, dark tone or a light apricot look.

You might notice that you can’t see any mounting screws. Evoke has simple, clean trim rings that emphasise the cabinet’s finish as well as the moving parts of the drivers. The rings are one-piece moulded, with the surface finish embedded in the moulding process – so what we make is what you get.

Clean, beautiful and honest. How very Danish.

It means you can take them with you when you move… and, we trust, enjoy them for a lifetime.

Meer informatie
merk Dynaudio
serie Evoke
kleuren / afwerking maple, walnoot, wit hoogglans, zwart hoogglans
type speaker 2-weg
plaatsing boekenplank, muur, speakerstand
basreflexpoort achterkant
geschikt voor bi-wiring Nee
belastbaarheid 180 Watt
gevoeligheid 84 dB
frequentiebereik 47 - 23.000 Hz
nominale impedantie 6 Ohm
crossover frequentie 1.400 Hz
tweeter 28mm Cerotar with Hexis
midrange / bass 14cm MSP cone
overige bijzonderheden -
Breedte 180 mm
hoogte 315 mm
diepte 277 mm
gewicht 6,7 kg
garantie 5 jaar