FiR Audio M4  Demo model

FiR Audio M4 Demo model

KEF LS50 Meta

KEF LS50 Meta

FiR Audio M3 Demo model

M3: The Balancing Act

Taking the neutral sound to new heights.

The M3 pays homages to the classic, balanced studio sound while pairing it with FiR’s latest technological advances. Its dedicated bass dynamic driver provides deep bass extension and palpable bass detail, while 2 balanced armatures covering the midrange and treble respectively lend balance to the sound with an excitingly energetic midrange and effortlessly detailed and sparkly highs. These drivers are implemented with FiR's proprietary tubeless design and the 3rd generation atom pressure release system, providing an impeccably balanced sound with a vast soundstage and a pneumatic pressure-free listening experience perfect for extended mixing and audiophile use.

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Levertijd: 2 tot 5 werkdagen

ONE for ALL:Direct Aperture Acoustics, DAA
The drivers in each FiR Audio earphone is placed as close to the ear as possible, feeding sound waves directly into the ear canal and ensuring a purer sound.

Direct Bore is a Subset of Direct Aperture Acoustic, where the IEM’s balanced armature drivers are pointing directly to the earphone’s bore. A spout directing sound to the ear canal is a constant in classic BA driver designs. The drawback of this traditional design, however, is that it prevents sound from expanding naturally, resulting in muffling and distortion. FiR Audio’s Direct Treble driver offers a solution to this by removing the spout, widening the aperture on the driver and allowing more air through—negating any harshness or muffling and resulting in a more natural, organic sound. These Direct Treble drivers harmonise with the other Drivers within the chassis, giving the M Series a natural, organic signature as compared to its counterparts.

FiR Audio ATOM module.
Also known as the Air Transferring Open Module, is a pressure release system developed by Bogdan Belonozhko following experimentation with a variety of nano-thin membranes and foam materials. FiR’s ATOM has a significantly reduced filter size, allowing its IEMs to be less affected by air volume within the module while allowing for a positive effect on sound presentation, widening the soundstage while helping to alleviate listener fatigue.

An extension of FiR’s Audio’s Direct Aperture Acoustics, the M-Series’ Tactile Bass technology allows bass to go beyond simply being heard. This is done by using the earphones’ entire chassis as a transducer, creating a rich, full resonance and giving the listener a bass experience they can physically feel.

Driver 1
Dynamic for Low/Mid
Driver 2
BA for Mid/High
Driver 3
BA for High
117 dB
16.4 Ohms
Frequency Range
10 - 20000 Hz
Connection (earphone end; universal fit
MMCX female socket (Gold Plated)
Silver Plated Copper OFC cable
Meer informatie
merk FiR Audio
serie M
kleuren / afwerking lunar grey
type hoofdtelefoon in-ear
akoestisch systeem gesloten
noise cancelling nee
kabel lengte 1,2 m
draadloos nee
draadloos bereik -
volume controle smartphone -
smartphone opneem functie -
aansluitplug 3,5 mm stereo jack
opbergetui / doos ja
gevoeligheid 117 dB
impedantie 16.5 Ohm
frequentiebereik 5 - 22.000 Hz
overige bijzonderheden -
garantie 2 jaar