Exposure 2010S2 DAC

Mooie DA-Converter met exclusieve elektronica componenten en professionele BNC connectoren. Extreem lage jitter. Discrete uitgangstrap (geen op-amps). Regelbare uitgang, dus ook als voorversterker te gebruiken.

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1. Multiple stages of regulation for SPDIF input receiver, USB input, clock oscillator, DAC and output stage for accurate output. 2. Very clean master clock to SPDIF input receiver and USB input to ensure low jitter operation. 3. Discrete filter and output stage for optimum performance (no Op-Amp ICs). 4. Digital output can be switched "on" or "off" (and is re-timed) to reduce the jitter level as compared to SPDIF input. This function can also be used to convert USB input to SPDIF output.



merk Exposure
serie -
kleuren / afwerking zilver, zwart
analoge ingangen geen
analoge uitgangen 1 x line-out RCA
digitale ingangen 2 x optisch S/PDIF, 2 x BNC S/PDIF
digitale uitgangen 1 x optisch S/PDIF
hoofdtelefoon uitgang -
afstandsbediening meegeleverd
externe gebruikersinterface -
overige bijzonderheden -
Breedte 440 mm
hoogte 90 mm
diepte 310 mm
gewicht 5 kg
garantie 3 jaar


Musicality all overReview door Audiocounsel
prijs kwaliteitverhouding
The Exposure DAC has just received two great reviews, one from Hi Fi World, the other from Audio Fi. Here are just a few snippets from both reviews.

“For computer play, the DAC offers a performance that provides exceptional detail retrieval, clarity and presentation. It’s fun to listen to and envelops you within the music. If you are looking to build or upgrade a digital system then you should demo the DAC forth with.”

“Moving to Bruch’s Violin Cncerto No. 1, the Exposure played the Adagio with an emotion that revealed its drama and pathos, well supporting the backing orchestra and presenting a grand image. The soloist’s upper mid-heavy performance was infused with a particular clarity that gave it a dynamic presence and power.”

“After a few seconds of listening to the Exposure as a computer-based DAC, it is obvious that this is where the Exposure DAC finds it milieu. It comes alive with a rich, detailed and dynamic midrange, powerful bass and delicate, rather fragile treble. The enitre soundstage was broad, conveying the drama of the piece brilliantly.”

“Energy levels are high with a clairty on offer that was delightful, it had me listening ever closer to newly discovered detail. Strings had a mass and dynamic power while brass displayed a rich tone and secondary percussion was feathery light.”

“Dexter Gordon’s ‘You’ve changed’ WAV via an EAC-ripped CD revealed a constant stream of emotional playing from the lips of the legendary sax player. The soundstage was wide, with lots of air and space between the sax, piano and drums. the latter’s brush strokes grazed the drum skins gently; the later introduction of the trumpet saw the Exposure give it a wide dynamic allowance, with plenty of room to manoeuvre. The final ensemble piece exhibited an ordered soundstage within which was a band that felt comfortable within thier surroundings.”



“Quite simply, the 2010S2 is a capable performer. What struck me first was how it got the fundamentals right. While it may not be the ultimate reference in each area, it brought out enough to make listening very enjoyable – sweet highs, solid lows, a wide and deep soundstage and a seductive midrange.”

“It always seemed to strike a nice balance, and did not highlight any particular trait over the other. It didn’t matter what kind of music I played through it – rock, classical, jazz, instrumentals – they all were conveyed convincingly.”

“It just draws you into the music. There’s a certain fluidity and smoothness to its sound that keeps the foot tapping and fingers snapping. There’s less analysing – at its price range, I would say it is one of the most un-digital-like digital products available.”

“Great bang-for-the-buck, excellent-sounding, highly musical and smooth sonics. Would be a worthwhile upgrade for a beginner to mid-level CD player, and computer audio-compatible too. One of the most engaging digital products you’ll find at the price – and perhaps beyond.”

“The 2010S2 is not the most analytical or detailed DAC you will find, but it makes up for that in spades when it comes to musicality. Those looking for typical hi-fi traits won’t be awed with this, but the Exposure will find favour with listeners who place music first. If I had not purchased a DAC not too long ago, this would be high on my shopping list.”

AUDIO FI – J LOH (Geplaatst op 26-10-2013)

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