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Devialet Mania

Give in to your free-spirited side and turn every moment into a sensory frenzy.

Introducing Devialet Mania, the first high fidelity portable speaker from the acoustic engineering company behind Devialet Phantom. Thanks to its adaptive cross stereo, Devialet Mania offers a soundstage that morphs and adapts to any physical space, ushering in a liberated approach to sound: more spontaneous, more adaptable, more obsession-inducing than ever. Cutting-edge Devialet technologies elicit expansive 360° stereo sound, augmenting every space and interaction. Cue your favorite music and feel the emotional imprint it leaves on you and those around you.

Devialet Mania, metamorphic sound.


€ 790,00
Levertijd: 2 tot 5 werkdagen

All that glitters isn’t gold. But step out with Devialet Mania Opéra
de Paris edition and you're guaranteed to grab attention. As part
of our partnership with the Paris's mythic Opéra Garnier, we’ve
created a gold-plated edition of Devialet Mania that is as exquisite
as it is exhilarating. Choice parts of Devialet Mania Opéra de
Paris’s body are bathed in 24-karat gold, giving it a brushedmetallic
finish that is indulgent to the eye and the touch.

Transcend the limits of your space. With Devialet Mania,
Devialet's iconic aesthetic has morphed into portable speaker
form. A handle for ease of movement. An IPX4 splash-resistant
rating for resilience. And Devialet's first built-in battery for up to 10
hours of wireless streaming. Experience pure infatuation with
augmented listening that leaves a lasting impression.

It’s not just the adaptability of Devialet Mania’s sound that’s
impressive; it’s also the quality. It took us three years to translate
our signature sound purity into portable form, and Devialet Mania
is the culmination: a 30-20,000 hertz range, bass that you can
feel in your bones, and sound that is nothing short of obsessioninducing.
Succumb to its sound quality once and you’ll never kick
the habit.

Experience directional fluidity. Devialet Mania was engineered to
homogeneously diffuse emotion-stirring, cross-stereo sound.
Thanks to its real-time acoustic mapping technology, ASC -
Active Stereo Calibration, an intelligent four-microphone array
detects Devialet Mania's position and activates the most adapted
rendering mode for immersive listening.

Seamless streaming. Thanks to Devialet Mania's dual streaming
capabilities, you have the choice between Wi-Fi or Bluetooth®.
When indoors, connect via Wi-Fi to use Spotify Connect and
Airplay 2 (for Apple users). And when you

Voice assistant capabilities let you control your Devialet Mania for
a seamless experience anywhere in the house. When connected
to Wi-Fi, simply beckon "Alexa" and enjoy the full ease of a voicecontrolled
speaker: listen to the news, check the weather, control
smart home devices, or simply turn up the volume and give in to
pure sound.

Devialet Mania inherited Devialet's patented SAM® technology,
allowing it to recognize and adapt the sound signal to its drivers'
specificities. The original recording and acoustic pressure
generated by Devialet Mania emerge in perfect harmony to
eliminate almost all distortions and enhance the bass rendering.

Let Devialet Mania adapt to your environment and revel in the
experience. Its real-time acoustic mapping technology, ASC -
Active Stereo Calibration, taps four-room calibrating microphones
and embedded intelligence capabilities to allow Devialet Mania to
automatically evolve the audio rendering based on its
When placed at the center of your space, the 360° stereo mode is
activated and homogeneously distributes sound throughout.
However, when you place Devialet Mania near a wall, the two fullrange
speakers at the rear jump into action to reinforce the two
full-range speakers at the front, widening the sound's reach.

The only thing that elevates a mesmerizing experience: if the
encounter is shared. Gather friends or family, cue your favorite
music on Devialet Mania, and feel the emotional imprint it leaves.

Whether you’re in the mood to roam or relax, Devialet Mania will
follow. Cook to a mellow melody, or set the mood for your next
backyard soirée—Devialet Mania thrives both indoors and out.

Make your speaker work for you. Devialet Mania is voice
assistant-integrated. So whenever you're connected to Wi-Fi,
simply say "Alexa" to play your favorite song, skip to the next
track, change the volume, read you the news and more. Alexa on
Devialet Mania makes it easier then ever to control your smart
home, just by using your voice.

Devialet Mania is Airplay 2®-compatible, so iOS users can enjoy
it in a multiroom set-up with other Devialet speakers. Play audio
across multiple speakers in perfect sync, or stream something
different across the house and leave a lasting impression in every
room you’re playing it in.

With Devialet Mania Station, it’s even simpler to enjoy
metamorphic sound where you want it. An add-on accessory, the
wireless charging station taps a proprietary pin-copper track
connection so you can charge up without being tied down.

Meer informatie
merk Devialet
serie Devialet
kleuren / afwerking licht grijs, zwart mat
type speaker 2-weg
afstandsbediening geen
digitale ingangen -
draadloos streamen Airplay 2, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth
draadloos bereik -
vermogen 8 ohm 2x38W class-D for woofers, 4x25W class-D for full-range speakers
plaatsing boekenplank, muur
basreflexpoort geen (gesloten systeem)
belastbaarheid 4500 Watt piek
frequentiebereik 30Hz – 20kHz
crossover frequentie -
tweeter 4x25W class-D for full-range speakers
midrange / bass 2x38W class-D for woofers,
bass 2
overige bijzonderheden -
Breedte 176 mm
hoogte 193 mm
diepte 139 mm
gewicht 2,3 kg
garantie -