Final FI-BA-SST35 Demo

Final FI-BA-SST35 Demo

Campfire Audio Cascade

Campfire Audio Cascade

Campfire Audio Atlas Demo

Doorontwikkelt op het succes van de Vega, heeft de Atlas een enkele 10mm A.D.L.C. (Amporphous Diamond-Like Carcon) driver (i.p.v. 8,5mm) in een volledig roestvrijstalen behuizing. Een nog groter frequentiebereik en nog lagere vervorming zijn het resultaat. Ook de puur zilveren kabel draagt hiertoe bij. Grandioze geluidskwaliteit voor elk genre en oerdegelijk.



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A truly massive sound. We’ve expanded our ADLC driver to a mighty 10mm and enclosed it in Stainless Steel – Atlas is a full range powerhouse.

The result is a terrific sounding earphone with a dynamic signature that will convert even the most jaded listener to an Atlas fan.

Designed and Assembled in Portland, Oregon USA.

Our new stainless steel earphone bodies are drop forged and then CNC machined before being hand polished to a mirror finish.

The weight of our stainless steel earphones in your hand feels good. The durability of stainless steel gives you peace of mind in daily use, knowing these are going to last.

Expanding on the commercial and critical success of Vega, we returned to an A.D.L.C. diaphragm design for Atlas and super sized it to a new 10mm driver; up from 8.5mm utilized in Vega.

For a quick background, A.D.L.C. (Amorphous Diamond-Like Carbon) is the hybrid of diamond and graphite carbon. It is a non-crystalline diamond. It is a material that has low density and high rigidity, important factors when considering diaphragm materials.

In designing a dynamic driver, the diaphragm material used should be as rigid as possible to provide a wider range of frequency responses and lower distortion. Additionally, the density of the diaphragm material should also be as low as possible in order to increase fidelity.

The 10mm A.D.L.C. diaphragm driver at the heart of Atlas achieves these goals; superior fidelity, excellent frequency response, and low distortion.

Tuning a high fidelity earphone is both an art and a science. To make something really special many critical factors need to intersect perfectly. This is why we choose to design and iterate with 3D modeled parts and take those parts into our final builds. It gives us an unprecedented level of control to capture the sound we’re trying to achieve. We think you’ll appreciate this refinement when you hear them yourself.

We’ve created an all new pure silver cable for Atlas that allows you to get the very best sound possible from your earphone, right out of the box. The pure silver conductors provide additional resolution and refinement to an already exceptional sound.

This cable is also wound with a twist that reduces tangling and microphonics improving your daily experience with Atlas.

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